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Is the angler in you ready for the water? 

Our boats are perfect for spending the day out fishing. All you need is your rod and bait, which we can even provide for you, and you’ll end up with your own fishing story. 

We are happy to deliver your rental equipment to your chosen location. Whether you are spending the day fishing, jet skiing, or cruising over the water on a new pontoon or speed boat, Company Name will deliver your equipment at the time and place you designate. 

Over the years, Company Name has become a leading provider of private fishing boat charters. You set the itinerary with the guidance of our experienced staff, and you'll be on your way to creating lasting memories.  

You have numerous boats to choose from and a wide variety of trip lengths. Company Name has a large selection of charter fishing boats. All the charter boats feature a full galley, complete with a large selection of beverages and food items. 

Each charter boat is equipped with the newest in fish tracking systems and has the coolers to carry thousands of bait fish. Our experienced captains and crews make us the premier fishing charter boat rental.

When you just want to go fishing in a boat that you pilot on your own, we also provide 12, 14, or 16-foot aluminum fishing boats that seat up to 3 adults comfortably. Each boat is powered by a quiet motor that won’t scare the fish away. 

Our complete tackle shop offers all necessary equipment, from rod rental or purchase, to all types of tackle, including some of the newest lures on the market. You will also find sunscreen, fishing licenses, and all types of apparel.  

Our other boat rental services include: 

* Speed boat rentals

* Sailing boat rentals

* Jet-ski boat rentals

* Yacht rentals

* Party boat rentals

* Power boat rentals 

Our aluminum rental boats (12ft, 14ft and 16ft) are well maintained and easy to use, which allows you and your family and friends the opportunity to explore the local lakes and enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to worry about storing or maintaining the boats in off season. 

Each rental boat is equipped with everything necessary for a safe, convenient and fun day of fishing or diving. When you rent a boat from Company Name, you needn't be concerned about essentials because each boat is completely furnished with enough life jackets for your entire party, the boat’s registration, an anchor, a whistle or horn, a full tank of gas, and a large cooler filled with ice. 

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