37ft Axopar Boat Rental

The newest boat rental in Mission Bay! Super fast and super comfortable! 

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37ft Axopar Rental



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Length: 47ft

Year: 2022

Power:  Motor

Up to 11 Guests


Bluetooth Stereo

Super FAST!



(1) Bathrooms

Plenty of Seating



This Axopar Boat Rental is perfect for those who either want to make their rental chill, or make it thrill! This boat is a state-of-the-art machine that can go up to 55Mph. Start in Mission Bay, or San Diego Bay and explore the high seas! 

This boat is insane! Super fast and incredibly comfy!

David Press

This Axopar Rental is one of the coolest boats I’ve ever been on. Love how it had a bathroom and bedroom down below. We went to Mission Bay and San Diego Bay and it only took 20 minutes in the Ocean to get there.

Rebecca Klein

We started in Mission Bay and went to the speed zones where the Captain punched the throttle and went so fast! Afterward we dropped the anchor and hungout on paddleboards and lily pads. Will do again!

Sidney David