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Our Party Boats can accommodate from 2 passengers to up to 400, offering catering packages, and bar packages.

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We offer the best yacht rentals in San Diego. Multiple types of yachts with tons of different options. Best prices guaranteed. 

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For the thrill seekers! Jetski Rentals in Mission Bay and San Diego Bay. Up to 2 Guests per Jetski. 40+ MPH!

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Our Fishing Vessels range from a 4 passenger aluminum fishing boat, to a 90′ ticketed fishing charter.

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Our Fishing Vessels range from a 4 passenger aluminum fishing boat, to a 90′ ticketed fishing charter.

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We offer the best yacht rentals in San Diego. Multiple types of yachts with tons of different options. 

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Boat Rental San Diego


Not only are there many different types of boats to rent in San Diego, but there are also 2 waterways that you can to choose from. 

San Diego Bay is the 2nd largest bay in California – it hosts some of the largest naval fleets in the entire United States. If you’d like to rent a boat in San Diego Bay, be aware that bigger is better! Large military ships, huge cruise vessels, and massive yachts can make for some very large wakes that are hazardous to smaller boats. Here are the types of boats we recommend for San Diego Bay. 

Types of Boat to rent in San Diego Bay 

  • If you have less than 6 people and want to take a boat in San Diego Bay, we recommend either a large boat rental or purchasing tickets from yacht companies that offer Bay Cruises. 
  • If you have 6-12 passengers, we recommend renting a vessel such as a catamaran or large pontoon boat found here
  • If you have more than 12 passengers, we recommend renting these yachts which offer a Captain, Crew, and even a bartender. 


Type of Boat to rent in Mission Bay 


Mission Bay is the largest man-made bay in the United States! There are plenty of boat rental companies in Mission Bay, so be sure to choose the right boat for your group. Unlike San Diego Bay, paddleboarding, kayaking, and small sailboat rentals are possible because of the shallow waters, calm, and relative size of Mission Bay. Here are the types of boats we recommend for Mission Bay. 

  • If you have 6-12 people, you can rent a yacht in Mission Bay that does ocean sailing or stay in the bay with these pontoon boat rentals. 

  • If you have 12 or more guests, these yachts are the best yacht rentals in Mission Bay



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“You can save so much time and effort by calling Boat Rental San Diego. They have any kind of boat you need at any price range. Made my 44th Birthday so amazing! Thanks! 

Jordan S.

One weekend I rented a Fishing Boat for my son and me and a 100-person yacht for my Wedding. They handled both rentals professionally and made my life so much easier. Ya’ll are the beset! 

Renting a party boat in San Diego is a fantastic way to enjoy the city’s beautiful coastline, stunning views, and vibrant maritime atmosphere. San Diego offers a variety of options for party boat rentals, catering to different preferences and group sizes. Here’s what you need to know about renting a party boat in San Diego:

Types of Party Boats

Yachts: For a luxurious experience, renting a yacht is an excellent choice. Yachts often come with high-end amenities such as spacious decks, indoor lounges, bars, and even Jacuzzis. They are perfect for upscale gatherings, corporate events, or special celebrations like weddings and anniversaries.

Catamarans: Catamarans are stable, spacious, and great for large groups. They provide ample deck space for dancing, socializing, and enjoying the sun. Many catamarans also offer netted areas for lounging above the water.

Sailing Boats: For a more traditional and relaxed experience, sailing boats provide a charming and serene way to explore San Diego’s waters. They are ideal for smaller groups who want to enjoy a peaceful sail with close friends or family.

Party Barges: These are designed specifically for parties, with large open decks, sound systems, and sometimes even dance floors. They are perfect for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any celebration where dancing and music are a priority.

Popular Features and Amenities

  • Onboard Catering: Many party boat rentals offer catering services, ranging from simple snacks and finger foods to full gourmet meals.
  • Bars and Bartenders: Some boats come equipped with full bars and professional bartenders to serve your favorite cocktails and beverages.
  • Entertainment Systems: High-quality sound systems, DJs, and even live bands can be arranged to ensure your party has the perfect soundtrack.
  • Water Activities: Depending on the boat, you might have access to water sports equipment like jet skis, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear.
  • Custom Decorations: For themed parties or special occasions, many rental services offer customization options for decorations and setups.

Popular Routes and Destinations

  • San Diego Bay: Cruising around San Diego Bay offers stunning views of the downtown skyline, Coronado Island, and the iconic Coronado Bridge.
  • Mission Bay: Known for its calm waters and beautiful surroundings, Mission Bay is a great spot for a leisurely cruise or anchoring for a swim.
  • Pacific Ocean: For those looking for a bit more adventure, heading out to the Pacific Ocean provides opportunities for whale watching and experiencing the open sea.

Booking Tips

    1. Plan Ahead: Popular boats can get booked up quickly, especially during peak seasons (summer and holidays). It’s best to book several months in advance.
    2. Check Reviews: Look at reviews and ratings of different rental companies to ensure you’re choosing a reputable service.
    3. Ask About Inclusions: Make sure you understand what’s included in the rental price, such as fuel, captain fees, and any additional services.
    4. Safety First: Ensure the boat has all necessary safety equipment and that the crew is experienced and knowledgeable.